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Your Nurse Is On

on Feb 15, 2014 in Eat Smart

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Main Line HealthForemost Line Health is trying to find product and service information for vendors. On the termination of Life Line, it exhibits money losses, weak spot and deterioration of well being situations, with age. Over the Line of Head, it denotes a weakening of psychological clarity and approaching senility or old age. On the termination of the Line of Heart it leads to deteriorating heart situation or emotional trauma that has left the person very feeble and unstable.

It reduces the strength of the line reduce by it. It nullifies the constructive qualities of any mount over which it is found. Any line which touch the life line is usually indicative of intercourse and the one which cuts the life line signifies well being hazards-diseases-weakness of body techniques resulting from sexual intercourse. Exception: Bar-Parallel line ends in repairing the primary traces-adjoining line.Main Line Health

In case it penetrates in to the good triangle-Rahu Kshetr, trouble is related with it. If it cuts the road of head simultaneously surety of tensions, is indicated. A line operating parallel to line of life always shield the bearer from imminent-potential danger, since it turns into line of Mars. Two Triangles are seen (I) fashioned by the Luck Line, Line of Head and the Sun Line.

It’ll draw upon the qualities of the mount that it’s directed to. An offshoot springing from the Line of Head and nearing the Mount of Mercury is a sign of scientific prowess-maybe an invention or a discovery or a synthesis of concepts that have long been drifting via the person’s mind, however had hitherto been dissociated. Presence of a cross at first of Luck Line: Tragedy in early little one hood, marred up bringing.

Some sister lines are fairly common, such because the Line of Mars, which accompanies and strengthens the constitution denoted by the Line of Life; The Line of Apollo is a sister line for the Line of Destiny, as it serves an analogous perform and accentuates the achievement one feels in the midst of their profession. Lest a line exist with a number of negative markings, sister traces will be the guiding hand that shall protect the bearer from the brunt of life’s assaults. Its presence at the termination of the Life Line signifies good health, during the last lap of life.

Main Line Health