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What is Function The POS Machine (Point of Sale)

on Nov 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

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POS (Point of Sales) is a set of computer systems consisting of operating systems, hardware and software are designed in accordance with the purposes and can be integrated with multiple support tools to help speed up the transaction process. If you want to try, you can see at Intuit POS. For a company that is engaged in trade and manufacturing generally use the POS system to support its business activities, why? There are a couple of things, first is between one customization trading business with other commercial enterprises are different. The second is the need of controlling the stocks are fast and accurate, the next is the print facility memorandum or invoice that is different, do not always use the size of small receipt paper. The next one else needs another every business owner. Suppose the need for accounts payable report within a few days or even months. Quickbooks POS having the two version Basic and Pro. In case any inquiry or questions comes into your mind you can contact Quickbooks Pos Support Number.

The POS system is constantly evolving from time to time as an example used to calculate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) was using Average, this method is considered less valid or less specific when the price changes of goods today took place very quickly, then emerged was a new method of calculation HPP using the system FIFO (First in First Out) and LIFO (Last in Last Out or also known as algorithms STACK (piles) and queue (queue) in the implementation of programming the manufacture of its POS system.

The POS system can also be integrated with other devices such as barcode scanners or bar code reader (code in the form of lines and images to the 2D barcode), also with a printer (printer can be regular or special printer cashier). Also the barcode printer (PB) to print barcode and Cash Drawer (CD) or a drawer to store money and other equipment. If you encounter errors when using it, you can contact SAGE 50 Technical Support.

This POS system stands on the foundation of a multi-use operating system worthy of her we use the computer we can modify our heart’s content, it is this which makes the system more POS Cash Registers ogled compared to medium businesses up or a large scale. Even on the international scale of implementing an online system between branches and centers, so the speed and ease of employers in making decisions very nice. Some supporters of POS systems, including the calculation HPP system is right for our business, then the DSS decision support system from POS, and its tip end is artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the decision-making of a POS system that is now developing.

Advantage POS:

– The program can be made in accordance with the user willingness

– Can be integrated with a variety of supporting hardware

– It has more amenities than a cash register

That was the explanation of the functions of POS system for your business, it can facilitate you in business.