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on Mar 2, 2017 in Health Care & Medical

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Which Is the Right Place to Get Circumcised

Circumcision in men is a tradition practiced for several years in several communities around the globe. In most of the case, circumcision I done for religious ad cultural practices. These communities have identified specific ages for the circumcision of the males. Jewish, Muslim and Africa traditional religions observe it as a faith-based practice. There are communities that observe it for health reasons. There exist people who get circumcised for persona fulfillment and not fulfilling cultural or religious obligations. There is no barrier to getting circumcised if you have your own good reasons.

There have been talks about the benefits and risk of circumcision. There are these who are pro-circumcision urging its benefits. Circumcision involves the removal f the foreskin and has such benefits alluding to medical, religious and aesthetic purposes. The medical reasons for circumcision include treatment of phimosis. This is a situation in which the foreskin is too tight. The conditions make the both urination and erection to be painful. Circumcision is also recommended as a treatment for balanitis. It is a condition in which the foreskin becomes difficult to return to the right position once you have pulled it backward. It exposes the forehead to pain and infections. Other claimed health benefits of circumcision is prevention of HIV. Clinical studies have shown that circumcision reduces the chances of HIV infection among heterosexual men.

It has been sad that the foreskin increases the chance of developing the male member cancer. This is one of the rare cancers and in which a wart like infection develops on the make sex organ. There are people who argue against having the foreskin in that it makes cleaning of the male member hard. This leads to growth of bacteria and other infectious microorganisms. In this regard, some people take circumcision for hygiene consideration. Still, there are those people who believe that a circumcised male member looks better than the uncircumcised one. These individuals have all the freedom to undergo this process.

The opponents to circumcision have one main argument. Arguably, the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the body. They, therefore, say that the foreskin removal lower sexual feelings and satisfaction. There are those who swear that their sexual feelings reduced after they undergone the process. There are those who oppose the practice of the basis of pain endured during the process. Infants experience fewer pains than adults. The choice to remain uncircumcised can, therefore, be seen from this light.

Your choice should be made after evaluating the benefits and the risk of circumcised. The place to be circumcised is in an approved health facility. The process should be conducted by a medical doctor who is licensed to conduct minor surgeries. Healing the circumcision wound can take few weeks.