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Skip the Fast Food and Stay Healthy on the Road With These Tips

on Sep 5, 2017 in Advertising & Marketing

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There’s nothing like traveling the country in an RV and letting the wind whip through your hair. Until you stop at a fast food joint for what feels like the 50th time because everyone’s starving and they need to eat now!

It’s easy to fall into the fast food trap when you’re traveling. It’s easy to be wasteful too, with water bottles and disposable silverware. But, if you can go green while you’re on the road, there’s no reason why you can’t stay healthy on the road too.

Here are a couple of tips from that will help you eat better on the road. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be saving your health.

Bring Along Plenty of Snacks

Snacking gets kind of a bad rap. It’s true that polishing off an entire bag of potato chips isn’t good for you, but making healthy snack choices when you’re actually hungry can help you stay healthy.

When you’re packing for your road trip, bring things like apples, sunflower seeds, yogurt, raisins, and nuts. If someone is starving at 3pm, having a few snacks handy can mean the difference between eating healthy and making a desperate run through the drive-thru.

Start the Day off With Protein

Not only are you more likely to make unhealthy eating choices if you don’t have snacks around, you’re also likely to end up eating something you shouldn’t if you don’t start your day off with a healthy breakfast.

And by healthy, we don’t mean sugar-filled cereal and breakfast bars. They’ll actually leave you feeling hungry not long after you consume them.

Instead, it’s all about filling up on protein so you can feel full until lunch. Some protein-filled breakfast foods include:

Simplify Recipes So You Actually Want to Cook in the Kitchen

One of the great things about traveling in an RV is that you have access to a kitchen. That should make cooking meals easy! Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Galley kitchens can be a real challenge, especially if you’re used to a bigger space.

The key is to choose simple meals that don’t require a lot of time or space. Focus on things you can make ahead of time, like bean and tuna salad, instead of things that should be eaten right away. Sandwiches are always a good choice, as are soups because many recipes can be made in the same pot.

Avoid labor-intensive meals and meals that require special equipment, like homemade pizza or lasagna. Not only do you not have the space, you won’t have the time. You’re supposed to be on vacation after all!

With a little planning and dedication, you can eat healthy on the road. You’ll be glad you did. Fast food will only make you feel sluggish, which definitely isn’t the way you want to feel when you’re supposed to be on vacation.