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Phantom of Medicine and Nursing

on Apr 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Medical Viewer Tool is a medium in the form of sculptures made of special materials. Designed to resemble a human body or a piece of human organs. Medical Viewer tool is almost like a doll-like humans known as Dolls Phantom. The Phantom doll props were used for learning in colleges of health sciences.
General Doctor is a trademark of Medical Viewer tool manufacturers are well known in Indonesia. Lots of props healthcare distributor that sells the brand General Doctor. General Health Doctor Viewer tool consists of various kinds and types. Among them is the Phantom of Medicine and Nursing. This article will address globally the Viewer Tool General Health Doctor particular Phantom of Medicine and Nursing.

Examples  Medical Legal Illustrations Phantom Medicine and Nursing
1. Phantom Full Body
Phantom Complete body is shaped props health of the human body intact. Physically Viewer tool consists of a complete human body parts. Consists of a body, a head, two hands and two feet. Full Body Phantom has a lot of features and usability. Among them is the mouth of the hollow and can be used for examinations and dental care. There is also the endotracheal system. For more details please see the specification Phantom Full Body Full Body Phantom here specification.



2. Phantom Resuscitation
Resuscitation is a first aid actions committed against persons or patients who have stopped breathing because of certain causes. Resuscitation or in medical terms is called CPR is done in order to reopen the airway is narrowed or closed altogether. Cases like this for example occurs in the sinking, heart attacks, shortness of breath due to shock, drop and so on. Phantom or props Resuscitation consists of adults and children.
Phantom Resuscitation both children and adults in the form of the human body and there is also a CPR monitor. One of the features or specifications contained in this Resuscitation Phantom is able to perform CPR, compression extracardial and airway open. To see the full features of this Viewer tool specification please click here Phantom or Phantom Resuscitation Resuscitation Adult Children


3. Dental Anatomy Model
Viewer Tool is the next Doctor General Health Dental Anatomy Model. In accordance with its name. These props form a human tooth along the tongue and gums. Consisting of upper and lower teeth. Props are used to study the parts of a human tooth. For a more complete specification, you can see from this specification Dental Anatomy Model

4. Phantom Arm
One of the health of the props used in all health disciplines is Phantom Arm. As we know, that a medical act performed on the arm is mixed. Such as the installation of a drip hose and blood sampling. The doctors and nurses need to know about this. Therefore, these props are used to realize the theoretical knowledge acquired before will go directly to the patient. Specifications and features Arm Phantom specifications can be seen here Phantom Sleeve