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How To Support Someone Who Is Suffering From Hair Loss

on Feb 17, 2017 in Community Health Systems

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Hair loss is an unpleasant experience. Women who go through hair loss often feel like they are less attractive. As a result, their mood can suffer and they might not want to go out as much as they used to. If they are not socialising with their friends, they may start to feel like they are isolated.

If you know a woman who is suffering from female hair loss, there are lots of effective ways to help here regain both her hair and her confidence. Read this helpful guide in order to learn more.


Recommend A Hair Treatment Clinic

If you know someone who is suffering from hair loss, one of the most effective things you can do is to refer them to a specialist clinic. The clinic will offer treatments designed to enhance the hair and make it grow back as quickly as possible. Hair treatment also comes in the form of extensions which are used to mask the effects of hair loss.

Research several different clinics online and show them to your friend. They can then pick the clinic which they think is the most suitable. Starting a course of treatment as soon as possible will help them to get their hair and their confidence back to the way they were before.

Recommend A Good Hairdresser

Hairdressers are able to style hair in ways that cover up the effects of hair loss. If you know a quality salon, take your friend along so that they can have a change of haircut. This will let them see that hair loss can be managed and that they can still have a great haircut.

Act As A Sounding Board For Their Feelings

Women need someone to talk to when they are going through hair loss. Talking to someone can make them feel better and motivate them to take some positive steps. You will be able to offer them lots of advice and they will be grateful for the support.

Find A Support Group

You can take this a step further by finding a support group for your friend. These support groups are designed so that women suffering hair loss can come together and share their experiences. Your friend might find that this is a very cathartic experience. The advice that they receive in these support groups could prove to be invaluable.

Include Them In Social Events

As mentioned earlier in the article, some women may avoid socialising when they are going through hair loss. In order to make them feel better, invite your friend to take part in social activities. They will then feel more confident and happier in themselves.

Helping someone who is going through hair loss is not easy. There will be many ups and downs that everyone has to deal with. However, being there for someone with hair loss gives them a safety net that they can fall back on when they are feeling sad or vulnerable.