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How To Maintain Body Health In The Kitchen

on Sep 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Understanding what are the ways to maintain a healthy body is very important especially in the neighborhood where we are very familiar with ourselves and the family. Any disease is easy to infect when the health of the dwelling is not well maintained. start from the most vital part, one of them from the kitchen where health food sources are made in it. Taking into account the health of the kitchen will help maintain the health of the whole family.

How to Maintain Health Kitchen Room ?

Taking into account the health of kitchen space is very important as part of how to maintain the health run. There are several simple ways to create a healthy kitchen, namely:

  1. Not Storing Food Too Old

There are times when cooking is not finished in a day so decided to warm it is still dear to be thrown away. Although in terms of health warms food that has more than 24 hours only eat waste without nutrients. It is good not to keep too long for the refrigerator and the whole kitchen is not a hotbed of disease-causing germs.

  1. Disposing Kitchen Waste Every Day

Every time cooking there will be wet garbage from cooking ingredients that processed good packaging of food ingredients, vegetable and fruit skin, and so forth. Trash in the kitchen well not installed after cooking can be immediately discarded. This aims to prevent waste bins in the kitchen into a hotbed of germs and bacteria. Especially if you forget to get rid of it because it is not full for example, then the kitchen will smell unpleasant.

  1. Washing the Plate Every Day

Who likes to put dishwashing jobs on hold? A good habit is immediately removed and replaced with washing dishes after every meal. Dirty dishes after use usually have wet stains that are easier to clean. In addition to the kitchen to be healthy without bacteria from the rest of the food also maintain the neatness of the kitchen because dirty dishes are neat and clean. Make sure to use Sunlight to clean the eating utensils and kitchen environment, because the powerful eradicate the bacteria. Sunlight will help optimize the benefits of applying ways to maintain a healthy body in the kitchen.

Dishes are one of the most important kitchen utensils for everyday eating needs. How not, dishes are usually used to eat and serve food. In addition to consisting of many shapes, sizes, and colors, the plate is also made of various materials, such as glass, melamine, plastic and so on.

The plate tangles directly with the food that goes into the body so it must be considered cleanliness. It’s important to know how to keep the health of the body and how to wash the right dishes as they relate directly to your health. Here are tips on washing dishes according to their basic ingredients:

Melamine-based, silicon and glass plates are pretty much hunted by mothers because the colors offered are so diverse and affordable. How to wash melamine, silicone and glass types is very easy. Rinse with water to clean up leftovers, including oil and used fat.

In washing it better to use a sponge with a smooth surface for melamine and silicone, because the plate is quite easily scratched and facilitate bacteria grow in it. For more hygienic results, use anti-bacterial dishwashers such as Sunlight Plus Anti Bacteria that can remove and prevent bacterial growth in the sponge. Do not forget to always be dried before saving.

Plastic plates are generally very easy to clean. If there is still any food sticking, use hot water to remove it after washing and rinse. You can wash it with Sunlight Lemon 100 which contains 100 lemon strengths that effectively lift stubborn fat on plastic containers. In rinsing, it’s good to use warm water. However, running water also does not matter. Once clean, drain and then saved.

To wash it, you can use a soft dishwashing liquid. Make sure the plate is perfectly dry before being stored because if it is still wet it will allow the growth of bacteria in the plate.

Recognizing the basic ingredients of your cutlery will certainly facilitate you in cleaning and keeping it clean, including your platters. In cleaning it, make sure all plates are clean and free of harmful bacteria. Maybe useful!