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Facts You Should Know about Hair Transplantation

on Jul 9, 2017 in Advertising & Marketing

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It is about time we realised that we live in a world of cut-throat competition, fast-paced lives and a constant race against the clock. In this pursuit what we do not always realise the amount of stress that builds up and its consequences on our health and our physical appearance. Stress affects almost all superficial aspects that contribute to how we feel and how we look — most importantly our hair.

Hair loss in young men and women is becoming increasingly common. Baldness is more associated with men due to genetic factors combined with stressed lives, and it progresses pretty fast among men between the ages 20 to 30.

It is important to understand that hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to baldness; it is a procedure involving extracting live root bearing hair follicles from the back and sides of the head and implanting them on to the recipient area.

There are a variety of hair transplantation clinics in Australia such as Medici Capelli Brisbane & Gold Coast. As a foundation and a basis to choose the right hair transplantation clinic, remember the following facts.

Hair transplantation procedures are carried out with your own hair

The transplanted hair grows automatically without any other medical need or special maintenance. You may still cut, trim and wash it.

There are various techniques in hair transplantation

The most common ones being FUT or a strip method and FUE; the FUT is practised widely due to its cost effectiveness; though it leaves a scar behind this can be effectively camouflaged by the hair surgeon using a “Trichophytic closure”. With this kind of closure, hair grows along the scar line thus covering it up. FUE is non-scalpel or no suture technique which is recommended for those who would like to maintain very short hair.

Hair transplantation does not leave your hair with a head full of dense hair.

Results will vary according to the type of hair, the extent of baldness and the amount of hair available in the donor area.

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for baldness

It is your own hair which is “distributed in a particular pattern across your scalp using a surgical procedure in one or two sessions.

Not all cases of baldness can be rectified through a hair transplant

Your hair physician will need to be qualified enough to identify the extent of damage and counsel you to take up an appropriate treatment. In some cases, as per the discretion of the hair physician, there can be body hair transplantation also that can be carried out.

Hair grafts can be removed from various areas such as beard, chest wall legs and hands and accordingly planted onto the scalp. The cost of the procedure is most often determined by the number of hair grafts that are transplanted. A graft of hair usually contains about one to five strands of hair.

Nowadays hair transplantation surgeries are virtually undetectable as they are administered under microscopic magnification apart from routine naked eye surgeries.