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Drink 8 Glass Water Per Day For Your Health

on Jul 8, 2017 in Healthcare

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Why Do We Need To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water a Day?

Yes of course, to prevent  dehydration, but otherwise it turns out that water has enough benefits for the health of the human body. If we remember the Biology lesson we once learned in high school first, that most of our body or about 80% of our body consists of water, there are even two parts of our body that have moisture content of more than 80% and this is an important part of the body Our life, the brain as much as 90% while 95% blood.

Because of the importance of the human body requires a lot of water, then we are required to consume water at least 2 liters or equivalent to 8 glass per day, for smokers that amount plus half. Imagine if we give less water intake to our body, the answer is the body will balance itself by “taking” the water component in the nearest body part, that is blood.

A good water to drink is clear pure water. Like San Antonio Water Softeners who provides a water purifier for ready to drink. When the water in the blood is taken by another component of the body, automatically the blood requirement for water is reduced and this causes the blood to become viscous, and the blood circulation in the body will be substandard. Is dangerous? The answer is sure yes, in this process, the kidney will suffer greatly, because in carrying out its duty to filter toxins from blood, it will have difficulties when having to filter the thick blood. Not infrequently this blood will cause a tear in the renal glomerulus.

Brain cells are the most wasteful organs to consume food and oxygen Well when blood flows through the brain, his journey was also not smooth the same as he passed the kidney. As a result, the brain is no longer “dilute”, imagine what the brain is not dilute ?, and if you also suffer from heart disease, then your suffering is perfect with a stroke. Here are 3 benefits of water for the body and health:

Consuming enough water every day, will facilitate the digestive system, so we avoid digestive problems, such as ulcers and constipation, and for calorie burning will run efficiently.

Water helps slow the growth of cancer-causing substances, plus prevent kidney stone and liver disease. Drinking water will make the body more energized.

Lack of drinking water, the body will absorb water content in the skin so that the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.

Increase production of testosterone in men and estrogen hormone in women. According to research results from a thrombosis research institute in London, England, if someone always bathe with cold water then the blood circulation smoothly and the body feels fresher and fitter. Bathing with cold water will increase the production of white blood cells in the body and increase one’s ability against virus attacks. In fact, bathing with cold water in the morning can increase the production of testosterone in men and the hormone estrogen in women. With so much fertility and sexual excitement will increase. In addition, skin tissue improves, nails are healthier and stronger, not easily cracked.

Water is also believed to help cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, pneumatic ailments, intestines, and feminine diseases, etc. Even today quite a lot of alternative treatments that utilize the efficacy of water.

Hot water is not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective to treat paralysis, such as due to stroke. Therefore, the water can help strengthen back muscles and ligaments and facilitate the circulatory system and respiratory system. Thermal effects cause dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, thereby preventing muscle stiffness, relieving pain and calming the mind.

Water is also removal of dirt in the body that will be faster out through the urine. For those who want to take care of any body, drinking warm water before meals (so feeling rather full) is one way to reduce the amount of food that enters. Moreover, water does not contain calories, sugar, or fat. However it is best to drink water at a moderate temperature, not too hot, and not too cold. Want skinny ?, drink water only.

The amount of water that decreases in the body, the function of the organs of the body will also decrease and more easily disturbed by bacteria, viruses, etc. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of intake of incoming and excreted water. Thirst for everyone is a normal mechanism for maintaining water intake in the body. Water the body needs about 2-2.5 l (8-10 glasses) per day. This amount of water requirement includes the water intake of food (such as from soup, soup, etc.), drinks such as milk, tea, coffee, syrup etc. In addition, water intake is also obtained from the metabolism of food consumed and tissue metabolism in the body.

We as humans must have different activities, the more activity you do, the more your body needs. For that, health experts warn not to just drink when it feels thirsty. As for you who are more active in air-conditioned room, it is recommended to drink more, because the cold air makes the body quickly dehydrated. It can also help skin moisture.