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5 Uses For Insurance

on Nov 6, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Obtaining an EHIC

In any country around the world, having an efficient healthcare delivery system is indeed one of the best benefits that a government can give to its people, as aside from its given importance in maintaining the wellness of people, the general cost of health maintenance has continuously increased over the years, making it a constant problem for millions of people in need. Although most governments implement programs for healthcare delivery in an attempt to alleviate the growing health needs of people, the consistent presence and dominance of private insurance policies in many locations is a clear indicator that a lot of people still feel the need for security when health emergencies arise.

In modern Europe, where its countries commonly implement a general rule for its participating countries, healthcare access has been simplified across its many countries by employing the use of a single card, called the EHIC or European Health Insurance Card, so that all eligible citizens of the included countries can conveniently receive medical intervention in other European countries when the need for it arises.This health card entitles its holders to receive free or discounted healthcare services when they travel so they do not have to go back to their own country just to receive medical care when the need for it arises, helping citizens to save on travel costs.

Some of the countries that use the health card, however, may have different rules for the application and citizen eligibility when issuing the cards, and also have a varied terms of use within and outside the country of origin. Generally, most limitations are set by countries to make sure that the benefits given will not be abused, and can often only be used in urgent situations like medical emergencies or required periodical treatments like dialysis, and cannot be used in non-urgent cases like dental procedures that can be sorted in the home country instead.

The European Health Insurance Card is issued free among citizens that have the required eligibility, although third-party servicers or agencies make a living from sorting the lengthy application process for applicants that want to get their cards faster. This has become controversial as the card is supposed to be free for citizens, but because of the varying processing time that depends on the type of eligibility applied for, some applications may take longer to be processed, in which case some individuals prefer to cover for a fee just to speed up the process especially when they need to travel soon.

The flexibility offered by the European health card to the citizens of its participating countries, particularly the European Economic Zone, makes it an important benefit for people that needs assistance in healthcare while they travel as most private insurances that provide such coverage are generally costly and difficult to maintain.

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