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8 Culinary Indonesia Internationalised

on Nov 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Various cuisines archipelago has distinctive features and have a taste of each unique because that makes is the Indonesian people who have cultural differences, so as to produce recipes are different too.

Not least among food (cooking) who come from an area, and then to be well received and liked by those in other regions, or even to people outside the country though.

Among the culinary Indonesia, which is now a worldwide including:


Rendang is a true culinary originating from West Sumatra is considered as one of the most delicious food by the people of Indonesia at least that was said, according to research published on CNN in 2011 ago.


In Semarang, lumpia become a mainstay culinary icon, not only local people, but foreign tourists are also very interest on this culinary, stuffing chicken or shrimp spring rolls are mixed with bamboo shoots and wrapped in spring roll skin. The advantage is the shrimp and eggs are not fishy, shoots too sweet, and crunchy spring roll skin when fried.

Fried rice

But popularity rendang it’s still less than the fried rice. In Indonesia, nearly fried rice can be found in many places, when compared with the more elusive rendang, fried rice is the food of the most populist. Fried rice itself has an assortment of recipes. There is a kampong fried rice, chicken fried rice, salted fish fried rice, fried goat, and others.


In addition to fried rice, meatballs are considered culinary Indonesia is worldwide. Although it may be, other countries also have this culinary one.


There are two most famous satay in Indonesia, Madura and Sate Sate Padang. But comparatively, Sate Madura is most easily found in the archipelago.

Sate is not only attractive to the people of Indonesia, but a lot of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia is also often favored satay as their food while visiting.


Tempe in Indonesia are the foods most often we find at the dinner table. It turns out not only Indonesian who like tempeh, but people abroad such as in Japan and Korea are also many who idolized tempe as one of the delicious food for them.


In Indonesia, there are a variety of soup popular names are: chicken soup, tripe soup, veal soup, to the various kinds of soto by region of origin, such as: Jakarta Soto, Soto Padang, Medan Soto, and others. But the one who likens-soto soto is, soup is a culinary Indonesia is already global.


When visiting Yogyakarta, tourists can not only enjoy the typical cuisine there when they visit, but this time gudeg also already present in the form of packaging (cans). Not only preferred by local tourists, but also many foreign tourists who bring warm as souvenirs to be introduced to friends or family after a visit to Indonesia (Yogyakarta).