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What You Should Know About Chemicals This Year

on Nov 10, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Understanding the Complexity of Neurotransmitters

The chemicals in our brains that function as messengers between brain cells are called neurotransmitters, and they are responsible mostly on how our bodies react. These neurotransmitters affect our behaviour, our emotions, our ability to learn, and the way we sleep. With an improper balance of these chemicals, everything in our body from our energy levels, ability to focus and how we feel could be affected.

Scientific studies showed that insufficient levels of neurotransmitters influence our moods, and can be identified with persons having emotional disorders and mental illness.

Our specialized brain cells are responsible for receiving, processing and transferring information to other cells. In order for neurons to have direct contact with the other cells, the rely on the highly specialized chemicasl called neurotransmitters.

The amino acids come from protein, and these become the composition of neurotransmitters. With insufficient neurotransmitters, relayed messages may be incorrect.

Enumerated as important neurotransmitters that would affect our moods are acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, GABA, and endorphins.

Several conditions happened due to the imbalanced neurotransmitter. Some of these disorders are known to be emotional and physiological related. Examples of these are depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorder, chronic pain disorder, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, obesity, migraines, adrenal dysfunction, premenstrual syndrome, and psychosis.

If there is an imbalance of neurotransmitter, there could be a high level of stress. Diet plays an important part in maintaining the levels of neurotransmitters. With vitamins and minerals plus sufficient dietary proteins, a good level of neurotransmitters can be maintained. Factors like medications, drugs and alcohol, hormone and genetics imbalance, and heavy metal toxicity, can play a role in the depletion of neurotransmitters.

Some medications are prescribed to the disorders mentioned.

There is simple tool for neurotransmitter testing that can determine precisely the cause of the symptoms leading to neurotransmitters imbalance.

With the test, medical professionals can lead treatment of the cause of the condition. Natural remedies and neurotransmitter supplements can correct the imbalance, plus natural remedies, without the use of therapeutic drugs.

A simple blood or urine sample can be used to test neurotransmitter imbalance. Insurance plans can cover neurotransmitter tests thus it is cheap to have one. Identifying the imbalance that is causing the health issues is important so that treatment is applied properly.

The importance of neurotransmitter therapy to patients suffering disorders like anxiety, insomnia, depression and other related disorders has been acknowledged by psychiatrists.

It is important for a physician to study the patient’s brain in order to understand the neurotransmitter therapy needed for the patient. There is a possibility of a patient to suffer conditions such as stress, poor habit in the diet, drug and alcohol addiction if there is an out of balance of brain chemistry.

There are two types of neurotransmitters and these are the inhibitory and excitatory.

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