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3 Essentials for True Body Confidence

on Mar 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Feeling good about the way they look is something many people strive to achieve, and thousands of pounds are spent every year on everything from haircuts and designer clothes to diet plans and plastic surgery in this quest. How successful these things are is hard to measure, but we do know that the desire to feel good about ourselves is not going to be ignored.

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Imagine then if you learned it is possible to generate true, long lasting body confidence by jettisoning these expensive, complicated, or time consuming ideas, and simply following three basic principles that are both simple, and easy to put into practice?

Tip 1:  Eat Well

Few people would buy a car that they treasured and then fill it with fuel they knew was sub-standard and likely to damage the engine, so why not apply this good judgment to the food which fuels your body? Of course humans have the advantage of some leeway when it comes to food intake, so it is possible to indulge in unhealthy food or drinks now and then, but following a brain and body boosting eating plan for the majority of the time is a key strategy for true body confidence.

Good food provides the optimal mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, starch and fat that bodies need to work well and to maintain themselves. Carbs produce essential energy, and when eaten with proteins like cheese they boost serotonin, nature’s free feel good chemical. Omega 3 fat rich foods boost brain power and help avoid the blues, as do vitamin B rich foods such as green veg. Cutting down on booze, sugar and caffeine will definitely lift moods and confidence levels.

Tip 2: Develop Your Own Personal Style

It can take several years of experimenting to develop your personal style, but the benefits are worth it. True body confidence leads to improved job performance, sharper focus and higher achievement rates.

If you need help discovering your personal style try experimenting with various items of clothing, accessories and footwear. Charity shops are good places to source cheap items to try out. Listen to your inner voice and avoid following trends for the sake of it, or buying designer brands you don’t even like.

Tip 3: Get a Smile to be Proud Of.

Being able to smile without worrying about crooked, stained teeth is essential to true body confidence.  Good teeth are important for good general health, but they are also thought to improve both careers and interpersonal or romantic relationships, so if you are due a dental visit make that a priority.

Statistics show that an incredible quarter of the UK population have never been to the dentist, perhaps because they worry about pain, the expense or they have some kind of phobia. Those concerns are recognised by modern day dentists, and practices such as the Perfect Smile Spa are experts in dealing with every issue from anxious patients to finance plans to help with costs, so there’s no reason to miss out on the benefits a great smile brings.

Follow these tips and you’ll have true body confidence in no time.