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Why Every Home Needs a Treadmill

on May 14, 2017 in Health & Fitness

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Visit any retailer or turn on the TV and numerous fitness devices will be seen. Grocery stores are now carrying some of these items, as people are always trying to lose weight. However, many of these items come and go, as people find they either don’t do what they promise to or they are much harder to use than it initially appeared. There is one piece of equipment that stands up over time and one that anyone can use, and that is the treadmill.

A treadmill works numerous muscles at one time, including all large muscles of the body. According to the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee and the Medical College of Wisconsin, a person can burn anywhere from 705 to 865 calories an hour on a treadmill, more than they can with a stationary bike or ski machine. The American Medical Association has named the treadmill as the top cardiovascular device as well.

Individuals can use the treadmill any time it is convenient to them, and weather is never an issue. A person can walk on the machine one day and run the next or change up their routine to ensure they don’t become bored. Many machines now come with programs built in, or a person has the option of customizing their own. Regardless of which option is selected, a treadmill offers a low impact workout and certain machines now offer extra shock absorption to protect the body.

For these and other reasons, quite a few people ultimately decide the treadmill is the right machine for them. When the time comes to purchase a treadmill, many individuals head to the store and purchase whichever device they like that fits into their budget. Purchasing exercise equipment this way isn’t wise, however, as the device they buy may not meet their needs.

For some, the machine can’t withstand heavy use and they want to train for long distance races. Others find they have purchased a machine that has fancy features they truly don’t want or need, thus they have wasted money buying more machine than they need. For this reason, every person should read reviews before heading out, and Reviews of Sole F88 treadmill should definitely be included when completing this task.