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on Feb 19, 2017 in Health Care & Medical

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What Do You Need to Know About Testosterone Therapy?

With the aid of a professional, you can get testosterone replacement to improve your testosterone levels. What symptoms or signs can tell you that you need to boost your testosterone levels?

These are the commonest symptoms of low testosterone. There is little sex drive which is also called libido and having erectile dysfunction. When one also experiences fatigue and reduced energy levels can be another sign. You should also watch out if you are undergoing depression, having a loss in muscle mass and bad temper. You may require a substitute therapy if you are losing your facial and body hair, if you are having problems in paying attention or low sense of well-being.

You should not, however, go for therapy before you have a consultation with a professional. However if proven that you need treatment, you can be sure to improve your sex motivation. The treatment will also improve your liveliness and energy after the therapy takes place.

Have your gynecologists do more check-up before you can start any treatment. The doctor will tell you if you are safe for the treatment or you need some kind of caution.

There are several types of testosterone replacement therapy that you can have. You can choose to be injected or have implantations. Testosterone will be directly injected into your brute force. The implantations in form of pellets can also be done on your skin. Then you can wait for the gradual absorption of the hormones into your blood system.

Another method you can use is the mouth reinforcement. You will apply striant tablet twice a day to continuously release the testosterone into the blood through the oral tissues. Your doctor will stick the tablet just above the incisor on the gum.

You can also choose to use transdermal, also called skin patch. With this, you will wear androderm which is the skin patch on your arm or the upper body. You could also apply gels. With the gels you will get from the doctor, some packs that will contain testosterones. These gels, you will apply once in a day to be absorbed directly. You can also get Nateso, a gel you will use inside your nose. For axirion, fortesta and androgel you can use the delivery pumps that comes with the tablets. If you need to take the right dosage of the hormones, use the testosterone gels that have delivery pumps.

There is also another method where the hormones are administered orally. Some experts, however, believe that oral testosterone can have negative side effects on the liver. To avoid having problems with your liver, use the skin patch, gels, and other methods.

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