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What Research About Health Can Teach You

on Aug 9, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Why Do We Need Vision Therapy? There has been a recent rise of vision impairment cases, most of the families are complaining that their children are losing their sights, many are saying its lack proper meals as most kids are indulging themselves on junk food others are saying is the exposure of dust particles in the air are these stories shouldn’t scare you because they’re just myths. The better option would be, when such a situation happens is to seek optical advice or else take your child for vision therapy. There have been lots of controversial stories concerning vision therapy in the visual world, some doctors complaining that vision therapy has no beneficial advantage while the majority is saying that the therapy is very effective and even outlying its benefits, especially on children. Just like any other therapy one takes, which are in a form of some exercise to improve or heal a certain predicament, vision therapy is the same process, but it involves your eyes. Therefore, vision therapy is a sequence of eyes exercise conducted on a vision therapy center on individuals who are vision impaired and cannot be helped with contact lenses or glasses. However, vision therapy tries to attain is to strengthen the interconnection between the eyes and the brain, which may be affected, and ensuring the creation of permanent lifelong changes. It is fascinating to note that, eighty percent of what you comprehend, what you remember and see all depends on the visual system to work; therefore, your average performance in life especially in work or school really on the vision therapy. It is suggested that the vision therapy takes place in a vision therapy center and is divided into three processes, which the first step, involve comprehensive eye examinations. It is fascinating to note that the comprehensive exams include the regular test conducted if you could read a chart clearly that is held at a particular distance, majorly tests to determine if your eyes have any problem. On the brighter note once the examinations have been done, the next step will involve a conducive test that is known as binocular and perceptual evaluation. The focal point of this test is to determine if the functionality of the visual system and may take about an hour depending on the patient.
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The focal point in this examination will be to determine if the eye keeps its prints clearly, how it tracks the eye and hand coordination and depth perception problems that are experience with patients. Once the tests are done, the last step will include getting recommendations from the doctor concerning the results received and probably the best treatment plan. As recommended by many doctors each patient according to the diagnosis conducted and severity of their problems an individualized treatment plan has to be created and ensure that the program meets its established goals.The Essentials of Eyecare – Breaking Down the Basics