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on Nov 2, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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What Differs Natural Birth From Cesarean Section? When a mother-to-be is about to gave birth, she should be very aware of the difference between the natural birth and cesarean section in delivering the baby inside her womb. There is a big difference in the type of procedure, the recovery process and the possible dangers between these two. Mostly, natural birth is the preferable form for most mothers. When the pregnancy is normal without any complications, this form is the best to take. The mother is an active participant of pushing the baby out from the birth canal during the process. Also, after a natural birth, the mother can start to breastfeed the baby to help strengthen their bond as mother and child. Many women have strengthened after the birthing experience, as what they have said. For most cases, mothers would stay for one to two days in the hospital after this method of child birth. There is a faster recovery time for the mothers with this kind of birthing method because of a lesser pain postpartum compared to the cesarean method. Also, babies born with natural birth have a lower risk of respiratory problems and are less likely to have pulmonary diseases. This is also more cost-effective form. Mothers also has the lesser risk of blood clots, hemorrhages, internal damages and complications.
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But, on the other hand, cesarean section will create an incision through the abdomen and uterus part of the body as the baby is manually removed from the womb of the mother. Cesarean section is considered to be a surgery in comparison to the natural birth method. The anesthesia injected to the mother will result into a higher risk of obtaining diseases and complications such as blood clots, hemorrhages, internal organ infections and more. The recovery time also is longer with this type of deliver and can last longer than four day.
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It is hard and complicated to breastfeed the baby after this method. The mother will be struggling in finding the comfortable position to do it and the milk production will be delayed. That will cause into a delay in bonding process. This kind of birthing method is also more expensive in comparison to the natural delivery. Also, after the surgery, during the recovery process, the mother will feel pain around the incision. And, the child delivered by this method has the higher risk of obtaining infections and diseases. When you compare the risk and benefits between the natural birth and the cesarean one, the better and most recommended one os the natural birthing process. It has more benefits obtained when it comes to natural birthing; from the expenses, to the recovery time and to the health issue. But this is not always the ideal to some cases. Women should ask for the assistance of their healthcare specialists in terms of other informations regarding these two methods.