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The process of IVF – Methods And Costs

on Aug 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

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IVF and artificial insemination is now an option for couples who want to get a descent. Child or descendant is important in domestic life, one goal of fostering domestic life is to have offspring that later can be used as a family successor, crutch when old age and a hope for the family. Unfortunately, not all couples can get a descent in the usual way, there was even a couple decades could not get a descent in the normal way.

For couples who have not managed to conceive a program in the usual way, could use IVF and artificial insemination programs that you can do in So far, people are still wondering what it was like in vitro fertilization. Ordinary people consider IVF baby was placed in the tube. Here are various explanations about IVF.


Society thinks that IVF consists of only one kind only, but who would have thought if the IVF program has a wide variety of programs that can be chosen one in Following are the various kinds of IVF should be known by the public:

  1. Minimal Stimulation

IVF does not use drugs in the stimulation of the ovaries, but the ovaries will be monitored and allowed to be grown naturally. The process is:

  1. IVM

IVM is the latest and most popular technologies in IVF. These last few years, many people or couples who choose to use this method. As this process little hormone drugs or stimulant hormone use. The process that will be performed are as follows:


  1. Freezing Embryos

When performed ovarian stimulation when IVF embryos could create about 9 to 10 embryos. For pregnancy, the embryo takes a maximum of 4 only. Excess embryos can be stored in a bank with a temperature of around minus 96 degrees. If previous failed IVF, embryos are stored in the embryo bank can be reused without having to repeat the IVF program from scratch. Not only embryos only, sperm can be stored in a frozen state.

The goal is when it will be used again, the patient can simply take the sperm in a sperm bank where the sperm storage. Unfortunately not all hospitals can perform this method. Effective storage period of not more than 3 years. The costs are up to $ 692 only for the storage of embryos for two years and also the cost of the use of embryos and sperm fees it back.

  1. ICSI

The latest technology in IVF ICSI today is that you can do one of them in . This technique is useful to overcome infertility in men. Men who are infertile have a low sperm count and poor quality. For the moment the picture is intra-uterine insemination, uterine requires 2 million sperm cells.

For IVF sperm cell takes about 10,000 sperm. Whereas for a regular person with a healthy sperm only takes one sperm cell just to be able to conceive. The sperm will be transferred to the wife or female ovaries cell using a micromanipulator assistance. To perform the process takes four weeks. Costs incurred as much as $ 4,615.

IVF can be done on the part of the medical costs around $ 1,535 to $ 4,615. A fee of mothers in ordinary society is certainly not a cheap price. The reason the price is exactly what makes the common people are still reluctant to do and try IVF.