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The Low Testosterone Scam Causing Heart Attack And Stroke

on Nov 10, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Watch any television program or open a magazine and most likely there will be a commercial or advertisement depicting a sad and lonely man suffering from Low Testosterone. The advertisement will further go on to explain that men who can’t make love almost every night, are tired and somewhat depressed, and have lost some muscle tone, but gained some around their middle must all have low T. The actual fact is that as men age, their testosterone level goes down naturally. To avoid this supposed sorry existence that fate has handed them, using supplemental testosterone, usually in the form of a cream or a gel, will give these men back the vitality of their youth, and give them the muscles and the mindset of a young stallion. Of course, no man wants to pass that up, so many start using testosterone without any understanding of its potentially serious and sometimes fatal side effects.

To understand the fascination men have with testosterone, one can compare women and Botox, or those that attempt more invasive cosmetic surgery to turn back the hands of time. The quest for the “Fountain of Youth” is real, no matter if it is a man or a women. Unfortunately, with the increased attention given to men’s lowering testosterone levels, and a prescription easily available to raise these levels, it’s clear that proper protocol is not always followed. Recently, it was proven that men that use testosterone replacement therapy, when it is not truly necessary, are more likely to suffer the potential yet devastating side effects from this medication. Men taking this supplement steadily for 3 years or more are at a greater risk of heart attack and stroke than men that have not used prescription testosterone gel.

Though many men don’t want to miss the fast-track back to their youth, most likely, many would have stopped and reconsidered had that understood the increased health risk from using this medication. The testosterone gel actually increases inflammation in the heart, along with raising the LDL cholesterol. Both of these factors can lead to potential heart issues. It’s important before taking any medication to fully understand the side effects and make good health choices based on tried and true medical research.