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Santosh Su Vichar

on Jun 23, 2014 in Eat Smart

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Main Line HealthA short preview which follows, is a microscopic view of probably the most exhaustive work on this ancient artwork, making use of scientific learning, reading, apply and forecasts, made true to the word.  Defect free Line of Head accompanied by twisted finger of Mercury, small or square nails, difference between the dimensions of nails on Jupiter fingers on the 2 hands-quick in a single, lengthy in other palm, should neither be pink nor black. Defect free Line of Head accompanied by Destiny Line near Life Line: Hindrances in research, because of bad financial conditions. Defect free Line of Head accompanied by Raj Yog: Branches to fingers, round life line, more than one Destiny Line, presence of Solar Line, developed mountains, pink coloured palm, fingers straight and exquisite, broad and heavy hand, presence special Luck junction/joint of Life Line and the Line of Head must be small.

It indicates emotional stability, romantic perspectives, melancholy, and stoicism, along with numerous elements of cardiac health. LINE OF DESTINY-LUCK: Any line which reaches the mount of Saturn is the Luck Line or the Line of Fate. It may begin from the Rascette, depth of palm-Rahu Kshetr, Indr Kshetr, Luna, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Life Line, Line of Head; Line of Coronary heart and so forth. If one other line joins this, he’s certain to be married a superb girl who will add to his fortunes.

Rises from the wrist and tied right down to Life Line: The early portion of the life will likely be spent to fulfill the wishes of the dad and mom or kin. Rises from the wrist and proceeds on Mount of Saturn: Sign of utmost success and success, aided by the Sun Line. Star on the Traces: One will get recognition at the age this star is seen, aided by Solar Line fame-success. Two islands forming the determine eight at starting point of the Line: Gift of second sight, clairvoyance intuitive skills. Deep Line: Perseverance in an occupation to not the style of the topic, a pressure of the need energy, often nervous breakdowns.

Crossed by the department of Line of Head: Success thwarted by some stupidity-blunder-vices of the bearer. A robust Line after the break: The place of the topic would improve after some change in his career. Rising from the Line of Heart: A favorable sign revealing good tastes and ample skills helpful in previous age. Zigzagged line and the Line of Heart is shallow or absent: A excessive diploma of infidelity and misconduct-disrepute. A department from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury: Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and within the power of expression. It turns into tough to differentiate between Health Line and the Line of Mercury.

An island on the Line: Severe lack of money or repute, due to cheating unhealthy intentions of others. Dots on the Line: Menace to the status of the subject, temporary arrest of the quality of the road-eclipse. Horizontal strains tend to move in direction of the Life Line, Line of Fate, Sun Line, Line of Head or the Line of Heart. Vertical strains symbolize favorable influences of the alternative intercourse, until they do not touch the Life Line and are broadly separated. The depth of the affect depends on how deep the strains are, if the road is deep then the affect is more.Main Line Health

Main Line Health