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Proven Skincare Benefits From LED Therapy

on Aug 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Are you stuck staring at the signs of ageing every morning when you look in the mirror?

Sun damage, wrinkles, scars, they all add to your aged look but did you know that most of these signs can be slowly reversed? Yes, it does sound like you have heard this before but remember this is not some miracle cream or ointment. No, we are talking about LED light therapy.

Research has shown that LED therapy can have amazing effects on your skin. To give you an idea one set of research showed that 93.5% of subjects were extremely satisfied with results they achieved.

How does it work?

The idea behind the technology is that LED light therapy can be used to activate cell receptors found deep in your skin which in turn will naturally begin to rejuvenate tired and worn skin. The treatment has been picked up by most dermatologists around the globe as a reliable treatment.

The beauty of the treatments is that it not only takes very little time, about 20 to 30 minutes once a week but because the LED treatment does not work on Thermal energy, you will cause no damage to the surrounding skin. You can simply go for your treatment and be back at work or go about your day to day life straight away.

The benefits you can expect to gain from the treatment range from things like your skin being strengthened and tone, the signs of acne being reduced, wrinkles will slowly be reduced and above all else LED treatments are far cheaper than any other form of light therapy.

So you have a list of great results and a price that beats any other treatment, is there any reason you are not going to try this out? You should know that LED treatments are also suitable for all skin types, tones and regardless of ethnicity.

When will I see Results?

The key to getting the best from your LED treatment is to spend some time with a dermatologist to determine a suitable treatment for our skin type and lifestyle. There is a chance that if you get the wrong treatment, you could cause more damage than you started with although that is extremely rare.

You may also like to know that results are not instant. It will take some time; this is why most clinics that do offer the LED light therapy treatments will sell them to you in full courses of say 10 or 12 treatments. In particular cases of sensitive skin, you may also have to increase the interval time between treatments to ensure you do not cause any long term damage.

All in all LED treatments are a skin lightening treatment that will even out complexion and wrinkles and although it may not be everyone’s idea of the best way forward it is surely worth a try for those of you that have some issues with the effects that ageing is having on your skin.

It is still in the early stages and will only get better as time goes on. For more information on LED therapy visit