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Protecting Yourself From The Zika Virus

on Apr 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Why the Zika Virus is Dangerous

The Zika Virus is a condition that is spread by the Aedes species mosquito. Most people who develop this condition will recover from it without any complications. In fact, 80 percent of people with the Zika Virus do not show any symptoms. However, it is dangerous for pregnant woman to have this condition.

Studies have shown that babies who are born to women with the Zika Virus are more likely to develop microcephaly. This is a condition where the baby’s head is smaller than expected. It can lead to developmental problems.

Zika Virus has also been linked to a rare disorder called Gullian-Barre Syndrome. This is an autoimmune disorder where the nerve system starts to attack its own cells. It causes muscle weakness. It can also cause paralysis. In most cases, the person recovers within a few weeks. However, some people suffer permanent muscle damage. Only a small percentage of people die from Gullian-Barre Syndrome.

Zika Virus Protection

There is no vaccine available for the Zika Virus. However, you can prevent the Zika Virus by protecting yourself from mosquito bites. You should wear mosquito repellent every time that you go outside. This is especially important if you will be going outside during the early morning or evening hours because these are the times when the mosquitoes are the most active. Children who are at least two months old can use mosquito repellent.

You should also wear long-sleeved pants and shirts when you are outside. The less skin you have exposed, the less likely you are to be bitten by a mosquito. It is best for you to wear light colors.

If there is standing water in your yard, then you will need to get rid of it. Mosquitoes need water in order to breed. Make sure that you keep your pool and birdbath clean.

Additionally, you will need to take the steps necessary to protect yourself while you are indoors. Use an air conditioner because this will keep the mosquitoes out of your home. You should also put screens on your doors and windows.

If You Have the Zika Virus

The best things that you can do if you have the Zika Virus is to rest and keep yourself hydrated. There is no specific medication available to treat the Zika Virus, but you can take over-the-counter medications to alleviate the pain. Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Aspirin. Consult with your physician if you are already taking a medication.