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on Dec 2, 2013 in Eat Smart

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Main Line HealthOn the 26th annual Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania, held on October 23, 2015, certainly one of Most important Line Health’s six finalists was named a winner in her respective category. Star is present over Venus and distant from Life Line: Chance of loss of life of a guardian at the age shown by the star and a distant relative coming into the life. A line from the Rahu Kshetr chopping the Line of Destiny and the Life Line forming a hook (-अंकुश) reaches the Mars: It reveals dying from burning if a break occurs over the Life Line in both palms without traces of repair like the Mars Line or overlapping segments working with the Life Line. Nonetheless it could start from the Life Line as well transferring to the Line of Head by the Luna.

Cutting the Life Line and Fate Line: Opposition from relations of reverse sex in enterprise and worldly affairs. LINE OF MERCURY-HEALTH: It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Destiny and runs upward until it ends on the Mount of Mercury. The road of Health is known as The Line of Mercury, The Line of Hepatic & The Line of Liver as nicely. Line of Intuition starts from the Life Line and travels as much as the Line of Head ensuing into desires-which foretells the longer term which wants interpretation by the knowledgeable. LIFE LINE: (i) Its presence at first of the road means hereditary illness.Main Line Health

If it is restrained until the tip of the Line of head, it generate the power to see future-instinct, by desires, till the Line of Coronary heart it signify the health of the possessor and thereafter if it continues, it speaks of the trade-enterprise-funds of the bearer. By no means predict unless-till confirmed by other indications current over the Line of Destiny and the Solar Line.

Composed of many small traces: Unstable condition of common well being and unhealthy temperament owing to ailments of the liver or gall bladder, sign of restlessness and pessimism. Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it: Wonderful health and nice success in business. Straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well shaped Rascette: Longevity very nicely assured. If this line starts from the Life Line, Line of Mercury, Solar Line or the Line of Fate, it could form a straight line-section.

LINE OF INSTINCT:: This line types a curve-semicircle ranging from under the Rascette to the Mount of Venus, encircling the Mental Mars penetrating deep into the Luna and touching the Rahu. Alternatively, this line is discovered as an independent curved line, from the intense end of the palm, over the lower Luna, moves to the center Luna and then reaches the intense end of the palm over the upper Luna. Line of Head sinks low on the Mount of Moon and the Line of Instinct cuts it: Mental forces injured by permitting an excessive amount of imagination and instinct to have their say.

Main Line Health