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Insurance Companies In Bethesda, MD BBB Serving Metro Washington, DC And Eastern Pennsylvania

on Aug 15, 2015 in Eat Smart

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Coventry Health CareCoventry Health Care Joins Forces with Walgreens, Walmart on New 2012 Medicare Part D Plan Available Across the Continental U.S. Insurance brokers had considered the health plans sold by the Maryland-based insurer to be among the cheapest with the most extensive provider networks available to Missouri consumers. But Coventry’s strategy appears to have caught up with it, and the insurer is now asking federal regulators to approve an average rate increase of 23 percent for plans sold in the St. Louis area. Our goal is to offer competitively priced products at a rate that will allow us to cover the cost of doing business while offering our customers high-quality products that meet their health care needs,” said spokesman Rohan Hutchings in an emailed statement.

Under President Barack Obama’s health law, insurers can’t deny coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. During the first two years of insurance enrollment under the health law, many consumers seeking individual coverage flocked to the least-expensive plans, which in the St. Louis area were often Coventry policies. But that potentially left the company liable for hefty bills from customers who went without health insurance before Obama’s law took effect because of costly pre-existing medical conditions. Insurance brokers said big premium hikes can allow insurers to shed customers that cost a lot to care for.Coventry Health Care

The double-digit increase applies to plans sold directly by Coventry and those available for purchase on , the federal online health exchange for consumers who don’t get insurance on the job. The information published Monday only includes individual health plans seeking a price increase above 10 percent. Of the insurers selling plans on in the St. Louis area last year, only Coventry is seeking rate increases above 10 percent for 2016.

Plans offered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna were not included in Monday’s rate disclosure, suggesting any premium increases for 2016 would be below 10 percent. The council is partnering with the Missouri Foundation for Health to review the 2016 price increases. We offer many Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), Medicare, and Commercial Dental Plans for our members throughout the nation. MCNA has been chosen by Coventry Health Care to provide comprehensive dental care services to Long Term Care (LTC) members in Florida. When you become a member with Coventry Health Care, you will be able to select a dentist who will look after all your dental needs.

When a specialist’s care (Orthodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery or Endodontics), is needed, you may be referred by your participating General Dentist. Under the terms of the agreement, RxAnte will leverage its patent-pending health care analytics platform to gain new insights into what communications work best to help an individual to take his or her medicines properly.

Coventry Health Care