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How To Learn The Strains On The Arms

on Dec 11, 2013 in Eat Smart

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Main Line HealthThis line exhibits your learning model, your communication model, intelligence and thirst for information.  Small branches of the Line of Head in upward directed towards the Line of Coronary heart or transferring straight to the base of the fingers, via the mounts, increases its energy further, many fold. Good Line of Head, small fingers, thick Line of Fate travelling as much as Saturn: Accepts bribes/commissions (-learn Mercury as well, which point out this trait if over developed), fastidiously and spends cash cautiously.

Good Line of Head-broken Life Line, incomplete-faulty Heart Line slicing into Venus: Conspiracy, conspirators/Lazy/make tools of others to get their work finished, evasive-thought of self to be wise/don’t have any religion in others-talk only when they must otherwise not. Wonderful Line of Head-Is landed Life Line and Line of Coronary heart, small fingers-Jupiter finger abnormally small: Conceit, black marketeer-smuggler.Main Line Health

Wonderful Line of Head-Is landed Life Line and Line of Coronary heart, small fingers-Jupiter finger abnormally small, irregular-twisted fingers: Decide pocket, lair, crafty, wretched. Glorious Line of Head with developed Venus, small Jupiter finger, Heart Line near fingers: Excessive sexuality-sex/love blind (-कामान्ध). Glorious Line of Head with the Line of Coronary heart terminating between the fingers of Saturn: Such individuals ought to by no means be believed and should not be allowed to visit dwelling or combine with family. A thick and heavy upward off shoot of the Life Line to Luna sends the bearer abroad.

Line of Head strikes-terminates over psychological Mount of Mars: Studies science or law-confirmed by the sq. nail on Mercury finger finger. Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by a Fate Line which is initially broad turning to-Mercury later accompanied by broad junction of Life Line and Line of Head: Clever person with enterprise traits-acumen-ship, industrialist.

Three or extra vertical strains on Mercury accompanied by even and straight uniform Line of Fate: Studies engineering-know-how. A Line of Head with common slope to Luna is excellent, whereas a line with sudden bend/slope/clink is defective. Defect free Line of Head accompanied by over developed-exaggerated Venus or broad Fate Line: Carelessness, neglect of research as a consequence of dependancy, unhealthy habits/vices.

Main Line Health