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How to Choose Collagen Supplements

on Jul 30, 2018 in Allied Health

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Collagen supplement is a rising product. In the market, many circulating collagen supplements with various types and brands. Before buying, you must be careful in choosing the product. Do not let the collagen supplement used was not to give any benefit to the body. In order not to choose wrong, check this tips on how to choose the following collagen supplements.

collagen supplements

Choosing the source of collagen supplements

Collagen is a type of protein that is quite difficult to be absorbed by the body. Based on the material, collagen is divided into collagen from land animals and collagen from aquatic animals. It is important to know this because of different materials, so different absorption into the body.

Collagen made from land animals is usually made with cartilage, hard bones, skin, and other body parts of cattle or pigs. Generally, collagen is mostly made from raw materials of pigs. This is because the raw material of collagen from heat-resistant pig so easily processed. Low raw material prices are also one reason.

Collagen made from aquatic animals are generally made of leather and fish scales. The molecular weight of collagen made from fish is smaller than the collagen molecules made from land animals so that the absorption is higher. An experiment has even been proved, the absorption of water creatures collagen 7 times greater than the collagen made from land animals.

For those of you who want to see the benefits immediately, choose a collagen supplement made from aquatic animals. It would be better if the collagen is made of fish skin, not the fish scales. Collagen processing made from fish scales using hydrochloric acid, because of the texture of hard fish scales. While still safe to eat, chances are the collagen peptide bond has been damaged. As a result, you will not benefit collagen even though collagen has been absorbed by the body.

The size of a collagen peptide molecule

Each collagen peptide bond, consisting of 200 thousand molecules. The size of the molecule is too big to be absorbed by the body. Inside the body, collagen molecules are broken down into amino acids and then channeled throughout the body. Upon reaching the requisite part, the amino acids are synthesized back into collagen molecules.

There are times when amino acids cannot be synthesized back into collagen molecules so it can not be absorbed by the body. This happens as you get older. If you have this, it is useless to consume collagen supplements. To fix this, you can take supplements with collagen content of collagen peptide form because it is much higher absorption power.

The size of collagen molecules is usually not included in the supplemental package. To be sure, you can choose collagen powder or water-soluble collagen gelatin supplements.