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on Feb 19, 2017 in Health Care & Medical

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Some Basic Information about ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ASMR or as called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is described as feelings of people responding to certain stimulus. The sensations usually starts in the scalp or neck with a tingling feeling, and then it travels to the rest of the person’s body. It is said that this feeling puts the individual into a relaxed stage similar to what you feel when having a massage or doing your meditation. To attain this feeling, the person is to be triggered with some stimulus. According to the experts, the calmness and tingling feeling that a person experiences in the scalp is brought about by the response to a sound. This is an amazing response considering that there is no physical contact made and yet it gives a physical sensation to the person. Unlike meditation when the person is guided to imagine a scene or environment, in ASMR, there is a more mindful practice where the person is fully concentrated on is seen and heard at that instant. Whispering is considered the most common trigger for autonomous sensory meridian response. For the viewers in the internet, there are several videos that are shown and this is for the end purpose of stimulating the ASMR of people. Aside from whispering, there are other common triggers such as scratching, tapping, blowing, personal attention and concentrating.
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The videos that you will mostly online are focused on the trigger of personal attention with a combination of other triggers. Role playing techniques are normally done like haircuts, doctor’s visits, lab tests, cranial nerve exams, facials and massges. These acting out situations will make the viewers interact with another person like one on one .
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In 2010, a professional named Jennifer Allen, started to coin the ASMR, and founded the group called ASMR group. Later on, several names of other groups started to come out with various meanings of the tingling effect. Other groups coined words to related the feeling to a sexual experience, but many online discussions disagree or objected to the word or idea. The ASMR group does not want their community to give an impression of tying up their process as sexually related and thus there should be no use of such related names. The ASMR community would like to define the words that compose the ASMR as autonomous sensory meridian response. To differentiate the experience from that of a sexual experience, the author of ASMR Allen, chose the word meridian. By defining each word in ASMR, there is a description of the process involved in this activity. Thus the definition and ASMR initials were adopted by its community and in the online discussions of this considered phenomenon.