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How familiar themes lure players to branded slot machines?

on Apr 14, 2017 in Advertising & Marketing

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Virtual gambling world with famous people

Needless to say that millions of people across the globe tend to play virtual slot machines to have a nice time, make additional money, relax, etc. But how do familiar themes lure players to branded slot machines? Well, if you have always dreamt to deal with famous personalities then you should definitely head to a favorite casino. There, you will find performances by Michael Jackson, visit multiple worlds of monopoly, see the Wizard, listen to Dolly Parton, etc.

As you have understood all these are the so-called branded slot machines that include celebrities, making players spend more money when playing these particular games.

Slots based on movies, sitcoms, cartoons, etc

Casino owners and developers are doing their best resonating with the general public by creating thrilling and exciting machines based on well-known and popular sitcoms, movies, etc. When entering the most reliable and trusted online casinos websites e.g. Sizzlinghotdeluxeslotcom, you automatically get thousands of options to choose from. Yet, branded slots have certain recognizable factors that make them so tempting and willing to try.

Currently, branded slots take up to 25% in the general gambling sphere but the investment they require are way bigger. For instance, this same 25% are very big productions. Branded machines are greatly developed and technologically innovative. Plus they include famous people e.g. Willy Wonka and others. Very often, such games offer their clients progressive jackpots and are linked.

Branded slots: American culture

It is a well-known fact that American culture is closely connected with all possible and impossible recent games: Ironman, Superman, CSI, Spider-Man, Sex and the City and many others. That’s why branded slots manufacturers are doing their best at involving these characters into their machines. Especially hired researchers track what people like and dislike, thus trying to identify the next big slot hit. And it is not only about the name of the game but about creating something really exciting, something that would make people come back for more and more, something that would give pleasant emotions and only positive feelings.

The process of development of such an entertaining game can take up to a year or even longer than that, costing millions of dollars (starting from the license and finishing with the production). Of course, creation of games is not an easy, quick and cheap process, that’s exactly why it is so important to choose the right theme with the right celebrities.

How much are branded slots popular among players?

The biggest manufacturers state that such machines are popular among gamblers for just 3-6 months. But even during this period, it is more than possible to get the invested money back and even double or triple the income. For instance, casinos pay big money for such branded machines others pay daily fee, etc. All this makes great profit.

According to the experts, branded slot machines give people an opportunity to experience something different, something that would be enjoyed and remembered for a long time. It is the next level of the gambling industry.