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on Dec 3, 2013 in Eat Smart

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Coventry Health CareWe are transforming health care to build healthier communities in Florida. Getting everyone into this unsustainable system will then make things even more unsustainable creating an imperative for a second wave of real cost containment when the feel good list of cost containment proposals now in their plans falls short. My sense is that most Democratic health policy experts already know this but see no other political alternative. Obama lists employer wellness programs, attacking childhood obesity in the schools, expanding the number of primary care providers, and disease prevention programs as part of his effort. Government will confiscate resources from citizens to pay for the health care of other citizens.

We can pass all of the health care reform proposals we like and spend many more billions of dollars each year but that will do little as we watch our youngest generation on its way to becoming the first in American history to be less healthy than the prior generation. As the Massachusetts plan is showing us, the Obama health care reform plan would likely have an incomplete result for an unsustainable cost. However, the web of deceit I describe here ought to shake anyone’s confidence in Carelink and Coventry.Coventry Health Care

The Obama cost containment proposals are only incremental cost containment proposals that are layered over $100 billion of upfront spending to cover tens of millions of more people—far too little cost containment for the new massive injection of money, almost overnight, into the health care system. Shock is too tame an emotion to describe my response to opening this summer’s LivingWell and reading the headline: Giving You Quality Care. The complacency and actions of Coventry employees who contribute to this type of scheme must be renounced.

More likely, a $100 billion infusion of new health care spending by an Obama health plan would actually increase the rate of health care inflation and ultimately create an imperative for more draconian government intervention in the health care markets Obama would preserve. It was a violent blow to me personally as I had struggled daily to receive the quality care from Carelink to which I was entitled. Every time someone turns his back when he is part of an injustice, our health care, a basic right, will be diminished.

It was only a few short weeks following Westfall’s letter, that I received a survey requesting my thoughts about how Carelink does in providing me care. Regardless, it’s still beyond the purview of the government to buy health care or even health insurance for everyone. When everone looks under their Christmas Tree tomorrow, they will find the everlasting Democratic gift of health.

Coventry Health Care