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Finding Similarities Between Treatments and Life

on Aug 30, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Eliminate Hangover, Headache and Heartburn With Home Remedies Whenever there are festivities and celebrations during the holidays, you sometimes just can’t help eating or drinking too much. You will find yourself stressing over planning and preparing for the party as well as accommodating arriving relatives and friends. Excessive eating, drinking and stress over the holidays may leave you not feeling and indisposed for the next several days or even weeks. It’s not a surprise most New Year’s resolutions are all about improving one’s health. Pain killers and other over-the-counter remedies are not the only solutions to these minor health annoyances. Hangovers are caused by one or a combination of these factors: drinking on a empty stomach or drinking too quickly and too much and lack of sleep. A hangover signals that there is an excess of alcohol in the body that still needs to be broken down. Vitamin C has been proven effective in alleviating hangover symptoms, so drink a lot of citrus drinks. You may also consume apple juice as a home remedy for a hangover if you are not fond of citrus drinks. Honey can be beneficial and effective as a home remedy for a hangover because of its high fructose content. Prepare a pot of hot tea flavored and sweeten it with honey. A heartburn is also referred to as indigestion and it is a common ailment after eating or drinking too much. Spicy food, heavy and fatty meals plus over-consumption of alcohol can trigger indigestion or heartburn which is basically bile and stomach acid flooding up the esophagus. To remove symptoms of indigestion, eat small meals and avoid intake of acidic food and beverages such as tomato or orange juice, coffee and other alcoholic beverages. Instead, try drinking decaffeinated tea, non-citrus drinks such as apple or grape and pro-biotic drinks. Drinking plenty of water is another way to prevent excess buildup of acid in the stomach.
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If you have a headache or feel a headache coming on, you may want to drink lots of water, avoid skipping meals and over-exercising, as well as limit exposure to strong smells such as perfume or cigarette smoke. Some home remedies for headaches include using hot and cold compresses to reduce swelling that may cause the headache. Some research also shows that intake of foods rich in riboflavin, magnesium and fish oil may prevent headaches from flaring up. If you need a quick pick-me-upper, try a small dose of caffeine or cherry juice as a home remedy for a headache.
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After the holiday celebrations and festivities, it is necessary to avoid alcohol to flush out toxins and eat healthier to improve your overall physical condition. The simplest way to return to a healthy lifestyle is through proper diet, regular exercise and ample rest and relaxation.