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Doorbells: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

on Aug 9, 2016 in Business Products & Services

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How to Buy a Video Doorbell to Increase Your Home Security

Setting up a video doorbell at your front door beefs up your home security. A video doorbell won’t only let you talk to somebody who might be at your front door, but also see them. That gives you more basis as you decide if you should let the person come in or not.

A video doorbell has at least two main components: a weatherproof camera and doorbell unit to be installed at the front door, and a monitor that you set up inside your home so you can see who’s out there ringing your doorbell. You can get a monitor that is full-color or black and white.

When somebody presses your doorbell button, you will automatically get a live video and audio is transmitted on your monitor screen. To communicate with them through the intercom, you can press a button. With some units, you can talk to them hands-free, or you can press a button once and continue to speak hands-free.
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With some video doorbells, you get a built-in infrared camera that enables you to see who’s there even without any lights on. The video on the monitor will often be black and white if you use this feature, even if your screen is full color.
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If you intend to install an optional electric door lock, majority of video doorbells can also unlock the door using your monitor. That means you can let someone enter without actually opening the door for them.

If you must monitor a number of doors in several locations, you need a video doorbell that can be expanded. There are video doorbells that don’t only let have multiple monitors, but also multiple cameras.

There is, at least one model that can capture full motion audio and video when the doorbell is rung. The video is saved on a Secure Digital (SD) card and maybe stored as well as retrieved from any personal computer. Should a potential burglar activate your doorbell to see whether or not someone is home before breaking in, the video may be submitted to police later to serve as evidence. Most video doorbells are designed to be installed on a wall, but others may be placed on a desktop too.

Indeed, a video doorbell at your front door can certainly boost your security. When you can see who’s waiting at the door before opening it, you and the whole household will be much safer.

Of course, not all video doorbells are the same in quality and overall reliability. There are different brands and models out there, but you need to research one that will provide the security it promises without making you break the bank.