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Clen For Weight Loss

on Dec 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Weight loss is a basic mantra used by many people across globe and is seen as a first step for fitness. Many products that can be taken as supplements along with regular diet and physical routine are available in market now. Clenbuterol commonly called as Clen is one of the top ranked product that is more reliable and marked as safe. Many products available in this range serve not only for weight loss but also has steroid properties. Products that has steroid properties tend to increase bone and muscle weight and gives a bulked up toned figure. This is the main reason why men tend to prefer and use these products as many of them are not customized for usage for Women.

Clen and its benefits for women

As told, many products though can be used by both men and women they have anabolic properties that tend to give a bulked up figure. Women in natural have more storage areas for fat than men. This gives them extra capacity to store fat and gain more weight in short span of time. So choosing a weight loss that only helps reducing weight without stimulating growth hormone and with much lesser side effect is important. Clenbuterol is one such product that claims to have these properties and can be safely used by women. This product is naturally said to increase the metabolic rate in the body. Increased metabolic rate increases the energy produced in the body that increases protein synthesis. This in turn increases the lipid breaking capability in the body thus resulting in more burning of fat content.

Factors to be understood

Though claimed safe, this product will have to be cautiously understood and dosage cycles will have to be completely visited with a physician for it to work safer. Women who are in pregnancy cycle or in feeding cycle should stay completely stay away from this product. Clen is also said to stimulate Beta-2 inside the body that is responsible for increase in temperature that in turn results in increased metabolic rate. However, it will also have to be understood that women’s main fat storage happens in butt and breasts. Regular intake of this product may cause a drastic reduction in both these sizes. Consult a proper physician and understand how the dosages can be altered if such results are seen and take Clen accordingly.

Dosages and legal issues

However, it will have to be understood that the dosages for women is extremely different from cycle for men though same product can be used by both. Two week on and off cycle is much preferred for women. In this cycle, women are suggested to start off with 20mcg per day and stay with it for two weeks. Then two weeks resting period is suggested. Then after this period dosage is suggested to boost to 30 mcg per day. After reaching 80 to 100 mcg per day this cycle will have to be stopped by women. However, if the user is planning to appear in any competitive performances, then these dosages will have to be timed couple of weeks before competency as Clen says in system for only couple of days. Also usage of this product for any competition is completely illegal. Thus if taken as per prescription Clen is claimed to be safely used by women for all ages.