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Between Traditional Medicine, Herbal & Herbal (Understanding & Difference)

on Sep 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Self-medication or self-medication (self-remedy) is the most common effort done by the community to overcome complaints or symptoms of a disease before they decide to seek help to health care facilities/health workers. Over 60% of the people practice this self-remedy, and over 80% of them rely on modern medicine. Dr Raymond Lopez Madison Alabama  also shows that more than 60% of people are self-medicating. The result of Basic Health Research in 2013 shows that 35.2% of people store medicine in households, either obtained from prescription and self-purchased independently, of which 27.8% are antibiotics. The Specialist Formulary is a book that contains a complete information of medicines needed by specialist physicians of a particular field or Dr Raymond Lopez Obstetrics-Gynecology in Madison Alabama, for the management of patients with certain disease indications. Curative efforts aim to treat and treat family members, groups suffering from illness or health problems.

In terms of counseling already established 1 team can do monitoring and counseling so that people can understand how to prevent and treat. Give opportunity to the writer to apply science and theory learned so far. In addition, it is expected to increase knowledge insight about the administration of patient treatment at health centers.

The original medicines, which are drugs obtained directly natural ingredients, are simply processed on the basis of experience and used in traditional medicine. There are three types of drug classes, namely over-the-counter drugs, limited free drugs and hard drugs. An antibacterial combination should be able to prevent or reduce the occurrence of resistance or other adverse effects.

Shows the flow of knowledge that can be either input or result of a system process. Minerals (mining); for example, sulfur, vaseline, paraffin, salt, illegal. Genuine Drugs are drugs obtained directly from natural ingredients of Indonesia, processed simply based on experience and used in traditional medicine.

In this stage, the analyst works with the user and documents the design of the new system with the tools described in the particular module, both in detail, where the elements are interrelated. In this chapter discusses the design of knowledge structures, structured chart design, input design, output design, and implementation plan.