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on Aug 16, 2016 in Health Care & Medical

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Why It’s Recommendable to Be Tested for STD’s

There are varieties of STDs. These STDs have different symptoms. Some of these diseases have subjective symptoms that cannot be seen. Others may even not show any symptoms. Some of these STDs include the following: syphilis, HIV, and Aids, gonorrhea, herpes and hepatitis. Some of the signs and symptoms of these diseases vary. It is recommendable to get tested for STDs to live a healthy life. Early diagnosis of these diseases can allow their assessment and they can get treated easily. It is hard to heal these diseases if they are diagnosed in the body at late stages. Abnormal fever, vomiting, back pains, bleeding in the genital areas, dizziness and loss of weight are the most common signs and symptoms experienced by a patient affected by STDs. Most of these symptoms are found in various STD infections. However, it is necessary to get STD testing to be aware of your status.

Many people feel stigmatized and fear of getting tested for STDs. The are therefore not aware of their current status. A vital advantage of getting tested for STDs is that it can be treated in its early stages before it gets an opportunity to spread to other areas of the body. The ailments can be diminished and treated if early testing is done. It gives the medics the opportunity to evaluate the spread of the disease, and they can, therefore, offer the best prescription to curb it.

The spreading of the sexually transmitted infections can be controlled if only people accept to get tested. It is recommendable to use a condom when having sex if one the partners are infected by a sexually transmitted ailment. This will help in preventing the disease from spreading to many people. There is no cure for HIV and AIDS and it is transmitted through engaging in sexual intercourse. The primary cause of the illness is a virus. HIV and AIDS cannot be healed, it can only be controlled by use of safety measures which include using condoms when having sex or completing avoiding sex.

The unborn baby can be protected by getting early testing of the STDs. The ladies who are pregnant are always advised to get regularly tested for STDs. If the mother is infected necessary measures are taken and the child is ensured that he or she will not be born infected with the virus. If HIV and AIDS are diagnosed at early stages; the infected person can live many years before death is caused by the illness. This happens to patients with HIV and AIDS. ARVs are given to HIV patients to allow them to stay stronger and healthy for long.