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5 Effective Packing Tips When Moving

on Jan 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

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One important step is impassable when they want to move house is packing / packing. Often, overwhelmed and scrambling ensued when conducting packing; goods to be packaged, discarded and donated or given to another person became jumbled.
Therefore, it is very important to have an organized plan and efficient packing because it not only helps you when doing the packaging, but also facilitate the process of loading and unloading goods quickly and smoothly when they arrive at the destination of moving.

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# 1 Separate units are fragile / fragile of the heavy goods
Avoid packing units are fragile like unit made of glass and breakable with heavy items such as items made of metal, aluminum, iron, and wood. You are also encouraged to use bubble wrap for wrapping fragile unit so that the goods are not broken / damaged while on a trip or transported.

# 2 Label colors on different types of goods
One quick and powerful tips when packing is to label the color of your goods. For example, labeled in blue for kitchen purposes such as ovens, pans, plates, cups; yellow for goods in the living room, and so on. By doing these tips, you can identify each box or box with ease, and you can load and unload goods moving more quickly and efficiently.

# 3 Pack clothes and necessities for 2 weeks
After packing the whole goods in the house, you are advised to pack clothes and personal use for 2 weeks separately. Instead of having to dismantle return goods already packed neatly, stacking clothes, toiletries, and your personal use in another suitcase – Remind your family members to do so too!

# 4 Packing ‘urgent need’ or emergency kit
Box or this box contains the items that will be used a few days before and after moving house. For example wipes, rags, cleaning agents, some everyday eating utensils, cups, and others. These tips can facilitate you when arriving in a new home. (You do not have to scrape and unload stacks of boxes in favor of a toilet roll or a cup).

# 5 Use garbage bags as containers of goods to be dumped
To prevent accidentally discarded items and other errors when packing, you are encouraged to collect units that will be dumped into a black garbage bag. With this, you can clearly distinguish which items will be packed and put into boxes, and which will not be brought again to a new home.