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Since Ganja was a Medicinal Plant

on Feb 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

The long history of cannabis crops is not just a figment of the past. Scientists around the world are now beginning to discover how important the role of cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoid molecules in the human body. Role in modulation of immune response and body immunity. It even affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by […]

6 Rewarding Reasons to Invest in Kent Vacuum Cleaners

on Feb 1, 2018 in Advertising & Marketing

Keeping your home clean is an arduous chore. You spend several hours sweeping, mopping and dusting the area, butstill it is not completely clean. To help you in this strenuous task, vacuum cleaners can be your best buddy. They make sure that all that hidden dust, dirt and allergens are sucked into it making your surroundings clean and safe. If you research about vacuum cleaner online, many models and variants of this appliance will pop up that you might get overwhelmed with choices. A market survey suggests that Kent is a market leader in this and here’s why. Effective and Efficient: Kent vacuum cleaners are highly efficient in performance. The powerful motor ensures that all the dust and debris get scooped out not only from visible areas, but also from hidden spots to give you a dust-free and spotless environment. They have designed the brush used in it so uniquely that it provides...

4 Delhi Restaurants to Visitfor the Most Delicious Onam Sadhyas

on Feb 1, 2018 in Advertising & Marketing

Onam is one of the most popular festivals, which every Keralite celebrates. Onam Sadhya is a vegetarian feast prepared during this festival. It is a feast that makes the mouth water even when you think about it. According to the tradition, it has around 28 – 64 food items. If you are in a mood to enjoy these delicacies but are not in a mood to prepare it at home, you can try it out at restaurants that serve special Onam Sadhyas. Thankfully, Delhi is the place of many cultures and traditions. When it comes to Malayali culture, there are number of places where you can satisfy your desire on Onam. Here are the best Delhi restaurants to try delicious Onam Sadhyas. Peninsular Kitchen It is one of the top restaurantsto celebrate Onam because the festival is incomplete without the traditional lunch. Peninsular Kitchen is popularly known for serving coastal delicacies and all variety of...